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I love them. In fact, I’m one of those people that finds it hard to function without one (or several as the case may be). Lists are what finally made the chaos of Lion’s Tourney manageable, and are what make my multitude of unrelated projects a glimmer of a possibilty.

 Now that LT is over, I now have a kind of strage list of things to do before GWXV. It’s strange because its more a list of groups of tasks, and will change and be edited more than just crossed off one by one.

 So today, at work, when I finally finsihed what I barely started yesterday morning, and finished up the ‘must do’ bit (not that there is really anything that isn’t must-do in my work), I was completely at a loss. I mean, I sat there just not sure which mountain of paperwork to tackle first. I definitely could have used a list and will make one once I get payroll done in the morning. Hopefully that will help.

 One thing I really like are lists I don’t have to create, just follow. One particular one has come to my attention, a list of accomplishments one should have (at least to some thinking), and I look forward to starting down that list before too very long. It’s almost like a curriculum, following another person’s list.

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