Jetlag Sucks!

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Seriously, y’all, I didn’t think I’d have a big problem with it. I mean, really, it was only a three hour time difference and I pretty much kept to my normal sleep times even over there so what was the deal? Well, aside from my lack of stamina in general… that probably had a lot to do with it!

Anyway, so California was good. The locale itself didn’t really impress me since, well, I really like the trees and greenery that we have here versus the scrub and rocks they have there. Mom told me that she (or was it my boss? can’t remember) was afraid they were going to get a call while I was gone that
a) I had gotten married while there (uh, no!) or
b) that I loved it and wasn’t coming home (again, uh, no! lol).

Mr SoCal and I had a great time at the Zoo (that, I loved) and then on Friday we went driving around San Diego county to various points of interest (nothing like the FBI’s people of interest I assure you). Julian was fun, though it seemed very out of place. It was a little B&B resortish place and some of the shops and stuff seemed like they would fit more in upstate New York or Canada or something (like the one called In the Pines that has black bear and moose decor and items and such… how bizarre?). But poking around the little shops were fun regardless of how out of place some seemed. The we drove up to Mt Soledad (La Jolla) where you could see the bay and the ocean and the downtown skyline (through the smog-haze) then back down to La Jolla cove to see the beach and the sea lions that hang out down there. There weren’t many of them but I did see a couple out swimming! That was pretty cool.

Saturday and Sunday we mostly stuck around the apartment which was okay because my energy level was just about gone anyway. Sunday night Mr SoCal’s best friend has us over for dinner and part of a movie but we had to call it an early evening, relatively speaking, because we had to get up so early to make sure I got to the airport in plenty of time.

Oh, and speaking of the flying bit. I had though that if there were upgrades available for the long portion of the trip (ATL to SAN) that I would pay for one and go first class. Well, just my luck, they were booked full so it didn’t happen. But it wasn’t so bad: the flight from TLH to ATL was not even half full (it was 6am, I mean, really) so I had my row to myself and then, even though it was supposedly a full flight, I ended up without a seat-mate from ATL to SAN so I lucked out both ways there. I did a lot of knitting on the way to SAN, about 6 inches or so on the armwarmers, so it was productive, too. The flight home I did have to share space but we were on one of the planes Delta had converted from their Int’l line so they had the monitors in the back of each seat complete with several channels of DirecTV! What was a bummer though was that you had to pay for the movies. The movie they would have show for free otherwise if we’d been in a more standard 767 was payperview here. Sigh… I saw no point in paying $5 to see Marie Ationnette when I could come home and trade in one of my Blockbuster rentals essentially for free. So I channel-surfed for a bit and then watched Flower Drum Song til we reached ATL. I had a seatmate from ATL to TLH, too, but he was quiet and non-creepy and it was only a 40 minute flight so I read my book and life was fine. And no accidents!

This week after I got home I was totally walking under water or something, I guess that was jetlag, and it wasn’t until Friday that I seemed to perk back up to normal.

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