It’s a New Year, I guess I should post…

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You know, it’s probably a good thing that our entire year is not based solely on how we spent the first day. Not that it was bad or anything, but to portend a year of getting over bronchitis and having to clean house to avoid sure chaos reigning isn’t, perhaps, the best.

Of course last New Year’s was spent trying to get the world to stop spinning and feeling as green as my shirt for the entirety of the day. Definite improvement, no?

It feels weird to think about January 2006 and realized it was a year ago. It doesn’t feel that far away and yet, some of those events do seem a lifetime distant and far removed. I look at myself then and myself now and, honestly, not much has changed (a point for consistency) but I hope and believe that the situation I find myself in now proves to be infinitely better as it seems to.

Something else just occurred to me. This is the second year where I’ve started a new relationship in December. Go figure. Mr SoCal and I (I know he’s looking for a mention, lol) are doing well, the physical distance between us not interfering overmuch. As I said the other night, it’s a good thing we’re both so decidedly verbal or this would never work! The plan for me treking out to California in February is still a go and we both got a little giddy last night when we realized we could say ‘next month’ in reference to it. The time, I’m sure, will fly.

I still have plenty to report about Christmas break and time spent with family, and I will record it here in due time (maybe even with pictures!) but not this morning. Need to get a move on things before I start the new year off late for work!

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