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‘Cause I’m still a smidge too tired to come up with one on my own.

So, First Friday was fun. Dinner at Renaissance was very good, the galleries were relatively interesting. The snark factor was low, but one of the pop-art offerings did elicit a particularly bad comment… It was a very angry red bunny with evil pink eyes and all I could think was, ‘Well, wouldn’t you be angry if you had a green bird for a penis?’

The cold, however, was a bit of an annoyance, and the drum circle was, I believe, offending Mon Amour’s delicate sense of rythym so we decided to leave and seek other entertainments…

Now today I really need to get on the ball and work on my Art/Sci scroll and the LT website. At some point I also need to make something (or ploan to make something) for Cook’s Guild tomorrow, and there’s a birthday party tonight at the C’s. Where did my weekend go already???

One thought on “Insert witty title here…

  1. …why is it that drum circles are usually populated by people with no innate sense of rhythm?

    **Scraps says:

    Well, it really wasn’t that bad, most people were keeping certain rhythms going. Some people are just pickier I suppose 😉 **

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