I think they dilated my brain…

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Eye appointment this afternoon and, historically, I’ve never had a problem with the dilating drops–until today. Wow! It’s not like they hurt or anything, but maybe the past experiences haven’t been as potent, something. By the time I went out to my car (after stopping to have some blood-word done while I was in the same building) I could barely open my eyes to slits without the sunglasses on. Whoa!

I think it was the distraction level that had me so out of sorts that I felt brain dead. I’d figured, what with my appointment so late in the afternoon, that I’d be done just before five so there was no point in trying to go back to the office. Which was correct. Instead I went across the street to the mall to check out a cute shop I’d seen when Mom and I were shopping for her cruise dress. I felt like I was drugged, people. I broke no vehicular codes but I certainly felt spaced out and having to jerk the car to stay on my side of the parking lot. Not to mention the fact that I drove the ENTIRE circumference of the mall without realizing it.

However, I did manage to park at the entrance nearest Ashley Stewart so while my internal navigator may have plotted a curly-q bee-line of a course, it got me where I needed to go. Being the only white girl in the store may have been a little less disconcerting (not that I honestly care, but sometimes it’s hard to miss–the clothes are worth whatever odd stares I might have gotten) if I hadn’t still been wearing my sunglasses (my eyes were so incredibly dilated that it really was best to keep them shaded). But I did get a good deal on two pieces and then found a great deal on a top at Lane Bryant across the way.

The idea that I would actually accomplish something tonight, however, was really optimistic. The distraction level has dimmed and my eyes are somewhat more tolerant to light, but somehow (maybe the heat? maybe the effort it took squinting my eyes?) I was wiped out by the time I got home. Looks like I’ll have to be productive tomorrow night instead.

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