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To do my damnedest not to let my inbox get /that/ out of hand again. Seriously, folks, we’re talking 13,000+ among my actual email inboxes plus another 5,000+ automatically shunted off to Junk Mail. It’s not that I never check my mail, it’s that a lot of it I skim during the day but they don’t actually come off the server until I download them at home. A decent system as it means I don’t accidentally delete something important, but then I put off actually going through them at home and deleting that which I do not need. Sigh…

A lot of the issues are yahoogroups I’m on. I’d go digest but I detest reading them that way, so I’ll delete them rather than read anything. Some I will be adjusting to special notices or no mail in an effort to save myself the headache of nights like tonight where I pretty much glue myself to the computer ’til it’s done. But now that everything in there is read and saved on purpose I’m going to do my best to keep up with it. Honest.

But I did manage to get two weeks of RA… scanned, edited and uploaded so I’m good there. Yay for a teeny bit of a buffer. I’ve got another week about 3/4 sketched, but that really is the longest part. Inking is quick and the editing is merely a matter of dropping out the bits of blue pencil that the scanner picks up, resizing it and saving it for web. I admit the current family vacation storyline is dragging out a bit, but we’re almost through it so this is a good thing. Truly random stuff for a month or so then I can start with the Major Deviation for a few weeks.

But now, with the inbox overhauled, I can actually /find/ the messages that require action on some of the otehr web-properties so that I can get those done and such. Tomorrow night will be split between Oldenfeld updates (mostly mucking out the would-be forum spammers from the member list) and beginning to decorate the apartment for the party. Maybe some advance food prep while I’m at it.

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