Another busy night!

Everyday Adventures

I cleared out almost 200 spam accounts on the Oldenfeld forum then made out the master to-do list for the party, Saturday, and got to work. I’ve moved furniture, cleared side tables, started the basic decorating, packaged the favors, and verified the disposable items. I’m in pretty good shape, I think.

I also managed to tidy up one of the hall closets in the process of digging out the party supplies, as well as the floor of the pantry (I’m still not sure exactly what happened in there, but it involved some non-perishables, a gallon of emergency water that decided it didn’t want to live, and a bag of what might have been, at one point in time, potatoes. They were unrecognizable, despite what the label said, and had formed a rather strong attachment to a partial box of citronella candles. I decided it was the better part of valor to bury them as one…


The largest part of the decorating is still to be done and almost all the food but Thursday will be soon enough for all of that. Wednesday afternoon and evening I’ll be hanging out with my cousin who is interviewing at FSU this week so not much will get done tomorrow night. But I have until 3:30pm on Saturday to have everything finished, so I anticipate that will be sufficient time (the party doesn’t start ’til 4, but I want to give myself a few moments to chill and collect before guests arrive).

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