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But only just. So I slept through the majority of the weekend which means I’m a bit behind the eight ball but this is nothing new: I merely have a better excuse this time. Intent on not falling behind I picked up dinner on the way home so I could get right to work when I hit the door. I had to bribe my way through finalizing three articles (with chapters from “Grave Apparel”) and force-march my way through tomorrow’s Random Acts… (which is much better art-wise than last week, when the cold just killed whatever talent I generally pretend to have) while listening to the end of Charmed Season 5 play on Minnie. I feel like I haven’t really stopped since I got home. And work wasn’t much better. I need another day off!

Anyway, with Spectrum coming for a visit this weekend I really need to get caught up on everything AND maybe get a little ahead so that I can fully enjoy his visit without having to squeeze work in. Meanwhile nothing really wants to give me a break, so I deal. Also gotta fit taxes in ASAP, at least to make sure I don’t owe anything with the extra 3rd quarter income I ended up with. Yay writing, boo self-employment taxes. Yay being responsible and taking care of them!

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