2-Hour day

Everyday Adventures

And it was a productive two hours, too. 2-3 hours seems to be my limit right now for being up and productive. The most taxing thing I’ve done today after getting home around 10:30 was unload/reload the dishwasher. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll find some energy. After my second nap I noticed that my voice is coming back–still gravelly, but improving, and then pain in my throat isn’t quite as bad. My neck is rather swollen, though. I’m hoping that goes away tomorrow. One thing I shouldn’t be able to complain about, now, is getting enough sleep! Now heading for more meds and bed for the night. I had thought the cough syrup wasn’t working well at all, last night, since it didn’t seem to help the congestion or the cough, but today I figured out I wasn’t taking enough. Always a trick, right?

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