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It was back in late August of last year that we sorta, kinda, half-way shopped for Mr. Road Trips suit of choice for the wedding. We looked, found out some info, thought we knew the direction we were going in and then promptly let it drop. By June of this year I was getting pretty antsy to get some decisions made so we set out with the goal of not coming back without a suit purchased. I was armed with all sorts of discount offers (it being two weeks ’til Father’s Day–perfect suit-buying time, by the way) and sale info, and we ended up needing not one bit of it.

Our first stop was back to Men’s Warehouse (which could have been called Men’s Mad-house, this day) and what to our wandering eyes should appear but pretty much the perfect suit for our mid-day nuptials.

Pronto Uomo Vintage Two-Button Notch Lapel Suit  | image via Men's Warehouse

Pronto Uomo Vintage Two-Button Notch Lapel Suit | image via Men’s Warehouse

Since they only had the one sample suit on display (and not in Mr. RT’s size) I wasn’t able to see it on him but we did remember to at least hold up the fabric to his skin to make sure it didn’t turn to some gawd-awful olive the way some of their taupe suits did on the last visit. We chose an ivory shirt instead of the white and the jury’s still out whether he’ll wear the vest or not (I like the idea of him wearing it, we’ll probably wait and see how it all looks in person the week of the wedding before making the final call).

While a suit rental usually comes with everything needed, they didn’t have anything other than the black or white shoes for rent, so we opted out of that, as well as the tie as we were finding nothing there that we liked with this suit option. Before we could scoot out of there, smugly satisfied that our errand had gone so smoothly, they had to do some measurements and such, and this time I did manage to get pictures!

Mr RT and our very dapper sales associate,

Mr RT and our very dapper sales associate, Joshua

After this is was all over but the tie, right? We went through so, so many men’s departments at the mall that afternoon looking for a tie. Purple was not a colorway easily found and when we did, it was frequently paired up with greys and blues–not what we were going for–and usually in the $60 range. T’s office is fairly casual, so spending $60 on a tie we weren’t all that crazy about wasn’t all that appealing.

Finally, on our way to the car, we stopped in one last, little shop, the kind of shop where all sales are final and you never know what you might find, what we found was pretty much the perfect tie and pocket-square combo for $20. Sold!

Accessories done!

Accessories done! (The background checks on the tie are brown, even though they look a little grey in this photo)

Add to that Mr. Road Trip’s recent acquisition of a new pair of brown dress shoes and he’s officially good to go.

While we had seriously considered purchasing a suit for him, he really wouldn’t have gotten much wear out of it, so renting made more sense at this stage of the game. I know there are some very dapper grooms among the hive, ones that are deeply invested into their celebratory threads, but I have to say I’m kind of glad Mr. Road Trip isn’t one of them.

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