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Oh my, oh heavens, this is at once too cute to be safe and too wrong to be cute, and yet it is undeniably cute:

Kawaii Not

Techincally it’s safe for work, but only if you can get away with laughing out loud and, perhaps, tears while doing the same.

* * *

Last night was spent mostly knitting. There is a reason why Tuesdays are knitting nights and that would be that the first Tuesday of every month is Knit Night at Borders. It makes sense to me that, if I’m going to knit one Tuesday night, I might as well set aside Tuesdays for knitting in general. The presence of some decent TV (usually Gilmore Girls and House) on Tuesdays makes it even more conducive to such pastimes. But at Knit Night, in addition to talking with some fabulous ladies about knitting and all sorts of things, I managed to finish the knitting part of a gift for a certain baby-to-be. Now just the seaming and tassels and it’s good to go. I have enough of the yarn left, I believe, to make a matching item as well. Yay!

I had a surprise waiting on me at home. (No, not my video order from DMC… that still hasn’t arrived in all it’s Firthiness.) The maintenance guys (not being sexist here, I’m fairly certain that currently all the maintenance staff at my apt complex are male) came by and confirmed my suspicion: something really was wrong with my hot water heater. Turns out the thermostat was a bit faulty which would explain the frequent running of said item indirectly proportionate to the amount of hot water I had in the mornings for my shower. I mean, really, I’m one person. So one shower per day and the running of the dishwasher an average of every other day should mean plenty of hot water for my morning shower. 15 minutes does not constitute plenty of hot water. Not only did they note the problem, the did actually fix it. I have a feeling that this contributed to my utility bill increase over the last few months (I don’t pay for water, but the electricity of heating it makes a difference). That and the air filter I hadn’t changed in a while (don’t worry, I fixed that myself and now have two spare ones, too).

Tonight I shall work on editing my ’04 NaNo Novel. When I’m not watching ANTM, that is. Yay for the return of guilty pleasures!

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