Cruise Lag

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Kind of like jet lag but without the jet.

Basically, I’ve got the dizzies.

Now, it could be just the whole sea legs thing: you get used to the rolling of the boat and it takes a while for your body to get used to solid ground again, but I’m a little skeptical when 4 days later (we were docked when I woke up on Monday, so I count Monday as a non-sea day) the room still pitches around me. The other possibility is that its viral and inflaming my inner ear and, well, there’s nothing can be done about that I’m told.

Instead I’ve been given some pills to stop the dizzies but here’s the kicker: they can cause sleepiness. And since I tend to be susceptible to such side effects, at least for the first few doses of anything, I can’t take them at work or when driving. That does me what good? Yeah, I thought so. But missing work right now is not an option because I really need the overtime this week so I’ll muddle through.

I just took the first pill so I’m curious to see whether I make it through Starter Wife or not. I’m going to attempt to do some sketching while I’m at it but no ink until the world stops spinning.

In better news, I figured out the issue with my email at the office. Gmail was having a bit of dislike for me (as was yahoo after a bit) and not letting my messages get through to Palmie. Do you KNOW how difficult it is to plot world domination when your emails are lost in the ether? Of course I figured out the problem this afternoon and Palmie left tonight for Disney. I’d be jealous if I didn’t need to get so much done this weekend.

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