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No, that’s not my Script Frenzy! wordcount, it’s the number of emails I have yet to wade through (down from about 10K when I started this evening). And no, that doesn’t include SPAM… I’ve already skimmed that folder and deleted it all and still had the 10K of group emails, etc. to sift through. But it’s okay, I’ll get caught up, feel organized again and be able to maybe unsub from some of the lists that I just never read.

In other news, I finally made it to the grocery store after work so no more panic about not having actual food in the house. I admit, I get a bit uneasy when the stock runs low and the necessity of shopping sometimes has that anti-progress effect of not wanting to bite the bullet and shop. And I love shopping, so that should tell you something. It’s that whole concept of being forced to do something rather than just doing it because I want to or because its a comfortable part of the routine. I am a creature of habit and my habits are way off this week–happens every time I travel.

This was not the only such task on the list and I’m slowly working my way through some of those lovely mental roadblocks I like to erect. I swear, if it wasn’t for myself I’d get so very much more done on a regular basis. That’s okay, though, I have this weekend mostly to myself (SF! write-in for 3 hours on Saturday) to tackle projects. I see a large to-do list being written so that I can cross things off with vigor as I complete them. Such a lovely feeling, that.

And in good news I think I’m close to ridding myself of the ennui that descended on Sunday. It’s difficult when you realize that there’s something on your mind, something you need to work through, and said working through might involve being very emo and teary for a bit just to release the pressure built up, but being on a boat with 2000 other people who you’d rather not have that happen in front of prevents you from actually doing so. Such was the case (after my facial of all things) and I had to wait another 36 hours before I finally was back in my own private space and could let go. Not that it’s that easy, no, it took a couple of days to really get there but right now I’m feeling pretty okay about it. Not good, because it’s a tough pill to swallow and all, but okay. The important thing is the improvement, right?

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