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This week’s a little hectic for me and I’m not quite ready to get into the craft-heavy 14th art. At the same time, I don’t want the site to not update this week so I’m taking a little page from the SITS/ProBlogger 31 Days to Build a Better Blog missions and creating a “sneeze page” (I really want a better name for this concept) to make it easier to flip through the Arts we’ve covered.

Today’s post will cover the first 7 arts (Thursday’s #8 through #13) and showcase the first post of each art (sorta like a Table of Contents) and my favorite or a really good read if you’ve only got time to hit up one of them. After these two starter-posts, the list will be kept on a page linked to a sidebar and update each time we finish with an Art.


A New Direction, in which I explain what I’m doing and how I’m going to go about it

01: Vocal Music
It begins with How Can I Keep From Singing and includes a total of 8 posts.
Just have a moment? Check out Singing in the Shower for fun and science all rolled into one!

02: Instruments
Staring with We Are the Music Makers, it’s another 8-parter.
Only want a clip? My favorite post asks the question: What’s Your Anthem?

03: Dance
Cliches are cliches for a reason and we start the dancing chapter with Dance Like No One’s Watching and go for 5 posts on the subject.
Need to get up to the getting down? Step right on over to Embrace the Insanity.

04: Drawing
A 6-post arc on art starts with a trip Back to the Drawing Board!
For a short-cut to drawing fun, point your pencil to From Stick to Chick.

05: Cutouts
At this point I started titling the beginning of each art with an ironically less-than-creatively titled post, like this: the 5th Art: Cutouts.
Of the 8 posts in this series an unusual–but fun–application can be found in How Ap-Peel-ing.

06: Carpets of Flowers or Colored Grains of Rice
Starting with Carpets of Color we explore sand art and mandalas in 3 breezy parts.
Channel your inner child with a little Sand Art fun.

07: Flower Bouquets
Did you ever wonder about making and giving Flower Bouquets? Now you can learn some basics and then some in these 5 posts.
Rather leave the arranging to the florist but still don’t know what to send? Here’s a short list on the Language of Flowers.

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