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And I am tired. It’s nice to know that I can move 90% of my furniture on my own, but still… I think a new bookcase is definitely in order, though. In moving stuff around it became painfully obvious that I have a bunch of books that have no shelf space to speak of. Now they are mostly stacked on, under and around my bedside tables and while that’s all well and good, it’s not a permanent solution. So this weekend, I think I shall go look for another 5-shelf bookcase and put it along the dining room wall where the current 2-shelf one sits between a three and the bar. That 2-shelf will then, I think, get moved underneath the framed painting on the opposite wall. There’s enough clearance there to still have enough room to move through to the kitchen and it’ll balance the area nicely, I think. Limits my options for party flow, but not entirely as that flat surface can be utilized as necessary.

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  1. SAM’s has the best (real wood) bookcases available for 150 each. I purchased three of them and put the in my sunroom. They are very sturdy (real wood) and look great. You have to put them together but that’s not a problem and takes about an hour (or twenty minutes after you’ve done two already). 8^) I highly recommend them and for the cost (even with a membership fee) they are cheaper and better than any bookcase I could find in town. Especially for the all wood types that you could get at U-Wood on Capital or the high end furniture stores on Apalachee or elsewhere.

    Just a thought.

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