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So. I’m over thirty and apparently my skin just got the memo because the last few months I’ve been having such odd issues with my skin, well, hatin’ on me! It’s not so much blemishes, I doubt I’ll ever be rid of those if Mom’s any indication though it’s nothing like high school *shudder*, but for the first time in my life I have _dry_ skin. Not even dry skin, but selectively dry skin. And I’ve always had (and still have by and large) oily skin so the fact that it’s dry in some places just totally confuses me.

So I’ve been testing various moisturizers and all and so far there are plenty that work great on my arms and legs but not so much on the face. My Sephora order came in today containing two items that are safe for sensitive skin and also for oily skin. Hopefully between the two of them (one to use before bed and the other to go under my makeup that’s supposed to “mattify” as well) I’ll be able to improve the situation. Getting older is hell, though I do prefer it to the alternative!

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  1. Y’know, I’ve had the same problem myself – oily skin on the face, and dry skin on the arms and chest. If you find anything that works (and doesn’t smell like a flower garden) let me know.

    Oh, and don’t complain to me about getting older! I don’t want to hear it! 😉

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