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No, I didn’t go shopping!

Well, okay, that might not be completely accurate. I’ve been getting quotes from various printers for the Random Acts… year 1 book (title TBA) and made a dummy so I can get some physical planning done. Now, I’d organized my strips from the first year and had them all in lists and sized and so forth, even to the point of jotting down some notes on additional content to make the book that much better a buy. The dummy, though, it helping me wrap my mind around how many pages (of the 80 I’ve set it at) will be taken up by business-type stuff and where the additional content will fit.

So it’s progress. And that’s a good thing. My goal to have the book done by the end of August probably will need a bit of adjustment, but not much. It’ll still be out in the Fall, it might just be more middle than early 🙂

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