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So, okay, in everyday America its the kids that aren’t really doing much with their lives, just kinda getting by and coasting that are asked to justify their life choices. Right?

Imagine my surprise when I found myself essentially defending my rather busy, goal-oriented, always doing something lifestyle to my slacker baby-brother who is just so erudite that he couldn’t even articulate what he was trying to tell me about stress and always being busy being bad for *gesture, gesture* um, you know… (seriously, that’s how it went).

Now, don’t get me wrong, salt of the earth and all that (which he’s not, but whatever). I don’t expect everyone to be well-read and business minded. I also understand and acknowledge that there are people in this world who go to work (whatever job it is, corporate or blue collar) and want nothing more than to come home and veg in front of the television or just, you know, “hang.” I don’t claim to understand WHY they want that, but I accept it and keep a live and let live attitude.

Personally, doing that would (does!) make me antsy. I have to be doing something, I have to have something to show for my evening hours. I relax, I do. And I sometimes overdo my commitments and pay the price. But in general, I have a desire to be doing stuff. I’m not going to be all lofty and claim that I do what I do because I want to leave my mark on society or make something immortal with my time on Earth. Because what I do is just as easily forgotten as remembered. But even if I clear all my commitments and just “veg” for a while, it won’t be long before my hands are itching for a project or an idea occurs that just sounds like so much fun. There is nothing wrong with that and I shouldn’t have to justify that desire.

It was just so very strange. You don’t (I don’t) expect to have your life questioned in that way. Because this is my life. What I choose to spend my time on is my choice and I know that not everyone likes to be busy but I’m used to people knowing that I’m that way and accepting it. You’d think (I’d think) that family would be clued in, as well, but, hey, shows what I get for thinking. Guess I’ll just go finish scanning tomorrow’s comic and planning that Year 1 book (whose dummy I made last night so I could start planning preliminary layouts).

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