Another Rip Roarin’ Retrograde!

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So… how are things in your neck of the woods? It’s glitch-city here, folks.

For those not up on the astrology, we’re winding down the most recent Mercury Retrograde. It’s technically over on the 22nd, but the shadow zone hangs around until October 6th or so, so if you’re feeling a bit on edge, remember that it’s just the way things are right now, take a deep breath, and try not to overreact.

I know, easier said than done, right?

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve had tech issues, short tempers, miscommunications, computer problems, missing mail, and more to contend with. Did the planetary alignment make these things happen? No, of course not. I don’t believe that astrology is a cause and effect sort of thing.. Instead, I take the view that astrology is a way to remind us of things that happen anyway, and a tool for insight and broader perspective. Not that the stars or planets predetermine my life (I reject that just as much as I do the concept of predestination), but they reflect it.

So when things were going haywire and someone said it was Mercury Retrograde (which happens four times a year, on average), I was like ‘oh, right, that makes sense.’

For me, Mercury Retrograde is a reminder to be kinder. To give people the benefit of the doubt. To back up my computer if it’s been a while. To be more careful about the important things.

I did wonder aloud to Todd the other night, though, if the recent retrograde wasn’t coloring our responses to Duncan’s antics, lately. He’s developed a persistent habit of nuisance barking while we’re trying to work on one thing or another. He wants to play, duh, but we can’t play just because we’re home. A couple times this week I’ve tried to wear him out a little (a tired dog is a good dog) but even the 45 minute walk last night didn’t get us much of a reprieve (it was a little better, I think, but I was more worn out than he was).

Tonight is the annual Witches’ Night Out in nearby Boston, GA. We went last year and really enjoyed the shops (check out the video here: 2015 Witches Night Out) and it’s a toss-up whether we’ll bring Duncan with us or not. On the one hand, it’d be great for socializing him and could tucker him out. It could also be fun. Plus he was really good when someone stopped to talk to us on our walk last night–barely woofed at all and eventually layed down and chilled until we were done.

On the other hand, it could be a night of dog-free drama is we don’t take him, he could get over-stimulated from the crowds, and we’d have to take turns popping into the shops.

It’s a dilemma. One we’ll decide upon depending on how we feel when we get home from work, I guess.

I’m going to remind myself to just breathe. “Witch” me well 🙂

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