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So. The other day I saw, somewhere, a poster that had something to do with our current discussion on sewing and stuff. And I forgot to pin it, bookmark it, like it or star it in my reader. Numerous searches have yielded no match and I’d almost believe that I dreamt it except I actually *disliked* it so much I don’t think I could have come up with it on my own.


Since I was so negligent in my duties I seem to run out of steam on the topic so you’re saved (at least for now) my rant about glue guns versus sewing. (But don’t misunderstand: I love my glue guns–all 3 of them–I just don’t think it’s a true replacement for needle and thread the way many in the modern craft movement seem to.)

Besides, who wants rants at Christmas-time?

And I’ve got Christmas cards to address.

Our Drunken Monkey Christmas Tree, December 2009

Until next time!

2 thoughts on “All for Want of a Click

  1. Let me just say, after too many needle pricks to count hand sewing the hem back on Anastasia’s Snow White dress, that the Rapunzel and Cinderella dresses are indeed facing the glue gun. Sewing as a means of mending is so two centuries ago with the way clothing is made nowadays. Just my frustrated 2 cents.

    1. And, yet, if gluing were truly an adequate replacement I have a feeling manufacturers would have switched over ages ago. Granted, kids costumes and play clothes do tend to need mending so much and could stand to be made of sturdier stuff to begin with, I do understand. I’ve taped a fallen hem and used my fair share of stitch witchery in the past, but the results are just never the same.

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