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Everyday Adventures

Such a distracting evening, I almost forgot.

The phone rang about 6:15 this evening but it wasn’t a number in my caller ID. It seemed somewhat familiar however. It should have, it was the office. Boss had gone back to pick up Otis (cute and fluffy extraordinaire) after a late appointment and our salesman, in a fit of help, decided that he would lock up the office while passing through. Only thing was, Boss and Otis were out back and Boss’s keys were in his office. Locked up.

Of course we have spare keys to his office only they were in my office. Also locked. Mom has a spare key to my office but the whereabouts were unknown (I suspect them to be kept on her keychain, not in her desk drawer). So I went back out to the office to open my door so he could open his.

When I got there I was treated to a very energetic Otis (who, for the most part, does a lot of puppy-napping during the day) who had–get this–“learned to bark”. It’s been two weeks since Boss acquired Otis and not a bark had been heard from the furball. Turns out the key was a robotic flipping dog toy kept in the kids toybox (we are both pet and child friendly there, work stopping frequently when either arrive). Said toy seems to be the only thing so far to elicit the gravelly growl-bark of Mr. Otis.

One can only hope that this vocal discovery does not lead to a loquacious office-pet. After all, he is composed of Yap and Yap, seeing as he’s been taciturn so far makes one wonder if he really is part terrier.

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