30 Questions on a Little Bit of Everything (video)

Just for Fun

Week after week I keep saving these video prompts, fully intending to do more that let them collect virtual dust in feedly’s “Saved for Later” folder. How many videos have I posted? Oh, right, none.

Until today, that is (or, well, technically a combination of Monday and Tuesday for filming, editing, and uploading… yes, this is the edited version. I’ll work on my brevity for future videos).

(Direct link for the feed readers: ScrapsOfLife 30 Questions)

And, yes, I totally skipped 2 of the questions (via Mama’s Losin’ It!), though not on purpose. So I’ll answer them here:

5. What is one thing you do that you hate to admit?

Do you mean bad habit-wise? Again, I’m pretty honest with my faults, so “hate to admit” doesn’t really bring anything to mind.

6. Do you really brush your teeth in the morning and at night? Be honest.

In the morning, absolutely! I hate the feeling of morning mouth, yech! At night, though, that’s a little hit or miss. I try to remember but, no, I can’t even say it’s most of the time.

And thank goodness I decided to go ahead and film this Monday night after work for today’s post! Not only did I have to retrain myself how to use Premier Pro (I found a much better tutorial video this time, though, from Trice Designs), first I had to remember which program I downloaded last year to convert the videos from my recorder.

Yes, my laptop has a webcam, but I’m not a fan of how it records (allow me a bit of vanity, here, the lighting and everything always looks so weird on the webcam, though I’m sure it has just as much to do with the amber light in my office at the moment). So I set up my JVC video camera and used that. Only JVC uses a proprietary format that pretty much no one but JVC thinks is neat, so conversions have to happen. When we started doing the Gingerbread Diaries updates I could use the video as-is, but I realized it was cutting off part of the frame. I knew I’d downloaded something to fix that, but couldn’t remember the name for the life of me.

So I spent a good little bit opening random programs from the “All Programs” list trying to find something that was vaguely familiar. Of course the company started with a W, so it was the next to last folder I opened. But I found it and even remembered how to use it.

All that to say: yay, I did a video for you guys! Hope you found it entertaining and I’m looking forward to doing more (shorter!) videos in the future!

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