Yule was awesome.

Everyday Adventures

Even if I did want to leave about mid-afternoon on Saturday… it wasn’t the event, it was my stamina. I apparently have none. Noted.

There were tournaments… which I saw none of. There was Art-Sci… which I saw one of (THANK YOU IZZY!!!). There was court… which I saw from under a bus at first, but it’s all good! Mostly, though, there was much socializing and chatting and just being around really fun people for a little less than 48 hours.

Master Octavio’s Pelican elevation was truly something to behold, and I do think some of the pictures I got are quite good. Now I just need to get them OFF of the computer and onto a disc and into the gallery. The non-Vigil the night before was nice and relaxed (again with the socializing and chatting and such) with a nice warm and fuzzy haze provided by MC’s Eggnog… mmmm

Of course, there were several incidences of ‘excuse me, what did you say?’

One was when the word ‘tapas’ was heard as ‘topless’… It was just that sort of weekend.

Probably the best part of the event, for me at least, was realizing that I’m finally starting to click with more than just a few people. For a while now I’ve been working on my ‘ability’ to be around and aware and not only stick to a few people I know best. Basically getting over the wall-flowerish tendencies when sans-wingman. It’s a good thing, and led to several interesting conversations with a variety of people I might not have talked to otherwise. I don’t feel as much of an outsider now (though I never felt excluded or ostracized, just that I wasn’t really meshing with the group as a whole as much as I could have) and I’m learning more and more of what makes the Society tick.

I realize I’m doing a horrid job of explaining the above, oh well, just know that (if you were there and are reading this) the event was awesome on several levels and I was more than glad to be a part of it.

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