Words of Worth for Gauche Alchemy

In The Studio

This month’s project for Gauche Alchemy is up on the blog today. I had fun getting back to some simple basics of paint and collage and I have to admit I’m itching to do more.


Right now The Abyss is in chaos, and the roller coaster of the house purchase is sapping a lot of my energy. Putting together a big canvas of words reminded me a bit of what’s important. This is just a hill, a wall to climb, and what’s on the other side may look a lot like where we are now, or it might look totally different. Experiences help shape us, if we let them (and I’m of the mind that that’s a good thing), but they don’t have to change our core.

Oh, and happy Pi(e) Day! Hope you have some tasty dessert lined up, and if not, maybe get into the kitchen and create a special treat for your loved ones?


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