When you listen, you hear a lot

Everyday Adventures

So this morning on the way to work I heard Mariah Carey’s new single: Touch My Body. Which, you know, I’ve heard before and all, but I never actually listened to many of the words. Seriously, folks?

First funny is hearing her mention that if there’s a camera in the room she better not find herself on YouTube. Dude. That’s just, wow… but then there’s that really lilting tagline ‘I will hunt you down.’ Not kidding, folks, she makes that line so oh so sweet and innocent when really it’s on the verge of psycho. Wow. Just wow.

See? That’s better than simply reporting on how many pages I got written on the script (several) or the article I finished and the time I spent on the stationery bike. Figured I’d shake it up a bit.

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