What’s For Dinner: 8/24-8/30


Last time I posted my menu plans I had a lot of links and no pictures. This time I decided to post after I’d finished the weeks meals because then I’d have pictures available to go with. We’d also just made a run to Sam’s Club for our bi-monthly* freezer stock-up, so I was planning around what we’d picked up rather than shopping for the specific menu. It reminds me of when I’d go to the Farmers’ Market, first, then figure out what I was going to make and what else I needed. I’m not sure if we have a regular Farmers’ Market up here (though there’s no shortage of farms!), but maybe joining a CSA will provide that same impetus?


Monday: Caribbean Mahi Sliders with Pineapple Salsa and Sweet Potato Fries.
The fish burgers and fries were purchased, we had the rolls in the freezer left over from a previous week so I split the burgers to fit. The salsa I did make myself, though. I wasn’t following a particular recipe, but it was similar to the Low-FODMAP Pineapple Salsa I’ve posted about in the past.

Tuesday: Pork Chops, Yellow Rice, and Pesto Green Beans
The pork loin chops were seasoned simply (salt, pepper, paprika and some sage) and cooked in olive oil, the yellow rice was a mix we picked up at Sam’s that cooked beautifully in the rice cooker (creates less heat in there than on the stove), and the beans were inspired by Smitten Kitchen’s Green Beans with Almond Pesto. And when I say inspired by, I mean I skimmed the ingredient list and went my own way of convenience with frozen green beans and cubes of frozen basil, steamed in my microwave steamer, then topped with garlic olive oil and Parmesan cheese.

Wednesday: Gazpacho and Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
I more-or-less followed Alton Brown’s Gazpacho recipe, which is to say I subbed several things but the spirit was still there. We had 2 lbs of cherry tomatoes to use so I used half those and half canned diced tomatoes and didn’t need any extra tomato sauce. We went with Muenster in the grilled cheese, with just a little Dijon mustard on one slice. Quick and easy mid-week meal.

Thursday we went out for fried seafood (not pictured) at George and Louie’s.

Friday: [Grilled] Chicken Ceasar Pasta Salad from Gimme Some Oven
No surprise, by now, that I didn’t exactly follow her directions, right? I grilled the chicken breast and the romaine lettuce (it’s so good that way) and tossed some eggplant that Mom brought me from her garden on the grill and into the pasta as well. I did make her yogurt-based dressing, and it was okay, but I would have preferred something with more body. We also served the pasta salad warm as gluten-free pasta doesn’t always do so well cold. At least not without a lot more dressing than this recipe called for.

Saturday: Bacon-Artichoke Scramble with Hash Browns
When I was making out the menu I had a craving for our party staple: bacon-wrapped artichoke hearts. It was a short leap from there to a breakfast for dinner experiment that turned out very tasty. The artichoke hearts did turn the eggs slightly green, but they tasted delicious. The hash browns are cooked with a bunch of green onion tops and more of those cherry tomatoes.

Sunday: Stuffed Meatloaf and Roasted Potatoes
This meatloaf is actually from my own cookbook and is half beef, half pork, and rolled up with layers of spinach and mozzarella cheese inside. The potatoes are diced large with the skin still on, seasoned with salt, pepper, paprika, sage, red pepper, and sage, tossed with olive oil, and roasted right next to the meatloaf. A very meat-and-potatoes meal but good for Sunday supper, which always feels like a good time to roast something–even in the summer.

This week is Todd’s week to cook and I am happy to turn the range over to whatever he comes up with. What’s for dinner at your house?

*It frustrates me to no end that bi-monthly can either mean twice a month or every 2 months. Silly English. I mean every 2 months, for those who were wondering.

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