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Wow, so far I’m being very productive. But, then, I’m also going to be turning on the television soon so that could change.

Last night I worked on getting an article drafted after dinner, then Spectrum came over after spending his day unpacking his kitchen and bathroom. What follows is how we got from the cable guy (not the movie) to A Mighty Wind (the movie):

Spectrum tells me about his day which includes the partial installation of his Cable service. Extra cable needed to be run into another room and it was almost done when the crawlspace needed for access was found to be inhabited by a snake which took off farther into the crawl space when Spec tried to snag it (by the tail… he’s lucky he didn’t get bit!). This reminded me of Sneaky Snake, which is a song by Tom T Hall on a record of barnyard songs that I had a child that I’d recently rescued from Mom’s closet. Todd had never heard the song (and, of course, I could only remember two lines of it) and while I was in the ladies room looked it up on You Tube. While we were listening to the various TTH songs on there I grabbed the album cover. Well, there were some songs on there that we’re online so I proceeded to dig out my ancient stereo with the turntable on top and–lo and behold!–actually was able to play the album on it! That led to looking through the rest of the albums on the shelf and I found the one with the Battle of New Orleans on it. Which then put me in the mood to watch A Mighty Wind (which Spec hadn’t seen) so I dashed off to Blockbuster for the DVD. Unfortunately the DVD was very scratched but we were able to watch most of the movie without too much interference. Gotta love the way an evening can develop.

Today I finished up another article for eHow (one left for the month) and wrote about 16 pages on the script. I’m up to 77 pages now, the winner’s bar is totally reachable in the next 4 days. Now, though, I’m going to layout Tuesday’s comic (the last of Year 1!!!) and work on that last article for a bit.

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