Walking with ghosts

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Not literally.

Today was going pretty well (aside from the cough returning with annoying force and the slight dizzines caused, more than likely, from the beginnings of an ear infection–I swear, I can’t seem to get around this wanna-be cold) until the tag end of the day when some unfortunate word-association mind-jumps had to go and make me all contemplative just before driving home. Now why’d it have to go and do that???

I suppose we have to revisit old battlegrounds and warwounds from time to time just to remind ourselves of what happened and how we learned from it or otherwise can avoid it again, I just didn’t need the extra stuff on my brain when I had two projects already in progress and a third pop into my brain that just /had/ to be done tonight as well (it’s not nice to ignore a muse, you never know when she’ll come back again).

Oh, well, I think I rambled enough in it for now and then got the one new project done and the preexisting two worked on. Tomorrow night will see completion of both by hook or by crook. Deadlines!!!

One thought on “Walking with ghosts

  1. Well this is a rather vague post. 8^)

    You get everyone all curious about word-associations that put you in a mood and a project that bumps two other projects and yet not a word about what it is about.

    My lord, Lady, details! Or at least something to wrap our brains around and go “oh, yeah, I can relate to that. Relationship breaksup are hard.” or “relationship make ups are hard.” or “relationship discoveries can be scary” or “I just remembered where that missing three hours went”. 8^)

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