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If you stopped by the blog last week you may have noticed a slight change. Especially if you tried to go to the usual scrapsoflife.com/blog and ended up at an old post of mine from 2008! (Which, amusingly enough, was about blog issues back then.)

So, while I’m not actually doing the big work of the blog-consolidation just yet (itching to get on with it, but the wedding to-do list is giving me the side-eye already), I did go ahead and take advantage of a promotion DreamHost was running during their birthday celebration and upgraded to the DreamPress hosting for scrapsoflife. Yay for locking-in a lower hosting fee, boo for the fact that the upgrade moved the blog from /blog to the root domain (but only a small boo, I was contemplating whether to do that myself or not: the decision was just made for me) and messing up feeds and links and all that jazz.

Speaking of feeds…

One of the first things I tried to fix was the RSS feeds to make sure no one missed upcoming posts. Said update meant that you might have seen a handful of recent posts show up in your feed reader as new/unread or receive the email version with the last 10 posts in digest form. If you did and were confused, that’s why, and I apologize for the hiccup.

The other thing I tried to fix was a redirect from the old /blog address to the new homepage and proceeded to break the site (though I think it was only for myself, and only for a period of a few minutes before I undid my changes). Thankfully the bump to DreamPress hosting also seems to come with increased support status, and the tech gurus at DreamHost were able to do what I was looking for in less time than it took me to compose my plea help!

I’m sure I could have figured it out, but I was just as glad to have it done for me, all the same.

As for incoming links, those may be a little bit borked for a while–I haven’t done any work on that score but I’m hoping that they’ll reroute on their own for now, seeing as that sorta happened with the whole /blog to “Bloggus Interuptus” post dealie. Otherwise finding a solution is on the list. Though it’s mainly an issue for my other blogs which will be moved over in a could of months.

I’ve also picked out a new theme (one I picked up as part of a bundle back in June, wohoo for serendipitous purchases!) so I *might* play with that sometime over the next month. Sorta depends on how much I want to procrastinate some other project (which I really have no business doing), but at the latest I’ll get it changed over after I’m back from the honeymoon in November.

TL;DR This site is now accessible at ScrapsOfLife.com not scrapsoflife.com/blog anymore (though the latter will redirect you rather efficiently). Feeds have been updated so subscriptions should not be adversely affected. Expect more changes in November, if not perhaps before.

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