Time for the Self-Tanner again…

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So, Wrath of Con is weekend after next and it’s being held in Panama City. Even though I’m really not much of an ocean person and am in no hurry to don that bathing suit I bought last week (doesn’t hurt to be prepared) still, I like the idea of keeping my options open. And since we’ll be right there on the beach, might as well not glow if I DO wear that suit.

In other news. I wore some fun new earrings today that I made totally out of the blue yesterday. They started as an example for an eHow article and then the wire just started talking to me, urging me to stitch into here and there and suddenly i had a really interesting shape. I’ll be including the pattern as part of the article but they were really fun and quick to make. I plan on experimenting with different wire and bead combos and seeing what else I can do with it, when I get the time.

And speaking of time, mine was spent quite wisely today. Not only did I kick butt at work, just getting stuff done right and left, but I managed to get a ton of work done on the comic tonight so that I should have this week’s comics done by tomorrow night. Which is how it should be. I really didn’t like having to work every night before it was set to upload just to keep up. That’s why I really want that buffer built up! Of course, with the other projects I’ve got, an actual buffer might take a little while, but at least I’m on the right track.

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