They walked through a wardrobe, Andrew

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Which is the answer to all things inconceivable. Seriously.

So it’s Thanksgiving and, in our family, that means dinner and movies. Andrew had gotten into town Wednesday and came back to the office with Mom. We chatted about lots of geeky computery things and then I asked what movies we were going to watch. I offerred to pick them up since I had two dvds to turn in at Blockbuster (yay for the total access stores… seriously: best. thing. ever. being able to return the mailers for free rentals) so I picked up his requests: Click and Lucky Number Slevin.

I’ll get to what I thought about each later. First, though, we ended up watching Chronicles of Narnia through on-demand. Not bad, I thought they did a really good job of the cg overall, and of course I knew the basic storyline. But we’re sitting there, I think we’d just finished eating while the movie was on (oh, yes, we are a product of the television generation. Sit around the table and talk to one another? um, no.) and Andrew was asking something along the lines of ‘why didn’t they just’ or ‘how did they manage’ or some other implausibility when Mom comes up with the best. line. ever.

“They walked through a wardrobe, Andrew.”

And really, if you think about it, it works for everything else.

Somebody did something stupid and thoughtless? They walked through a wardrobe.

Can’t figure out how your keys ended up in the refrigerator instead of your purse? They walked through a wardrobe.

Boss wants to know why your work didn’t get done? They walked through a wardrobe.

That’s all there is to it. Every implausible unexplainable just plain confusing thing now has an explanation: They walked through a wardrobe.

That line got used a few times, as I’m sure you can imagine, over the course of the (glorious) four day weekend. It really was one of the best holidays ever, and now it has past, all but a distant memory. Only one thing could have made it better, but we’ll not dwell on that drought shall we? Le Sigh…

As to the other movies. We watched Lucky Number Slevin while Mom went and had her post-turkey nap, and followed it up with Click. Um, yeah. Click was, well, it was an Adam Sandler movie. Not necessarily on par with the Happy Gilmore-esque films but neither was it Spanglish either. In fact, I’m not sure I actually liked it. Lucky Number Slevin on the other hand, that was pretty cool. Mom would have hated it because it jumped around way too much (this is, after all, the woman who didn’t like the Matrix because she couldn’t keep up who the who, what and when…) but I joyed in the snappy dialogue and circuitous speech patterns. It’s like the writers for the Gilmore Girls (the Palladino’s, not the current team of writers) got really dark all of a sudden. Whee!

I actually did not bring home leftovers, instead going back the following day for a late lunch. Last night was post-Thanksgiving Turkey Gumbo. Mmmmmm. So very yummy.

But today it’s back to the daily grind, work and projects after. I’ll be swamped for the next two weeks at least with all my projects and so forth. The sock-gift is done, the sweater-gift is at 30% and the scarf-gift is about the same. The other gift items are at negative whatever… I need to make a list, but I won’t be posting it here 😉 too many eyes that might see what they shouldn’t lol

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