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I’ve gotta say, it looks pretty good from here!

Our Wine-Blending Ceremony | Photo by Pink Shutterbug Photography

Our Wine-Blending Ceremony | Photo by Pink Shutterbug Photography

So the Road Trips are back, as Mr. and Mrs., and settling into life post-wedding. Is it different? Not really. Sure, we get a little thrill out of calling each other husband and wife–the novelty has yet to wear off–but other than that there just hasn’t been much change in our relationship. That’s not a bad thing, of course, we were perfectly content with our life pre-wedding, changing our legal status was just a formality and I’d almost go so far as saying we’re glad nothing’s changed. Continuity is a good thing!

How was the wedding? Pretty fabulous where it counted! Did things go wrong? Oh, you betcha! But while plenty of people have said I would have been totally justified in veering onto Bridezilla Blvd, I/we kept our heads and stayed firmly on Laugh-It-Off Lane. Family members and Friend-ficiant L have joined us in calling the day a comedy of errors but we made it through, bumps in the road notwithstanding. At times it felt like we were enjoying ourselves in spite of events conspiring against us, but that just makes the Champagne all the sweeter, right? And, hey, it’ll make for interesting recaps if nothing else!

We’ve got a few weeks until the pro-pics are due in, but Pink Shutterbug was kind enough to send us a generous preview album so here’s a sneak peek at our day:

All photos by Pink Shutterbug Photography

All photos by Pink Shutterbug Photography

I’m also happy to report that there’s been nary a trace of PWD lurking around, either. I wasn’t expecting anything major on that score, but it’s not unusual to feel a bit of post-party letdown after our annual Halloween party, so I figured it was possible. The earliness of our ceremony and reception could have contributed to that, but we were ready for a rest and then met back up with T’s family, who were also staying the night at Honey Lake, for dinner and had another chance to visit with them before heading off to our respective destinations.

Having the honeymoon right afterwards was a huge help, and being at Disney for a week with random folks congratulating us (wear those celebration buttons!) greatly eased our transition back into reality. Plus, after more than two years of planning and crafting and everything else wedding, I was more than ready to move onto new projects or even pick back up ones that had to be put on hold these last few months!

Our totally staged "getaway" | Photo by Pink Shutterbug Photography

Our totally staged “getaway” | Photo by Pink Shutterbug Photography

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  1. I found the new spot, hooray!

    And I didn’t forget the BHG….he’s here! I don’t want you to think I didn’t appreciate it– with the stalker I was kind of on lockdown!

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