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No, not some Entertainment Random feature on celebrity expose`s, but a possible reason for the below aggravation post.

While I don’t set my life by my horoscope, I’ve come around to the thought process of how there must be at least a grain of truth to it since the other explanation is just a whole lot of coincidences. And everything’s related anyway, so why should the stars be any different?

Anyway, I was reading an article on the mystical aspects of fire, and it occurred to me that the person I’ve been having so many problems with is among the fire signs, zodiacly speaking. I, on the other hand, am a definite earth sign. Do you see where this is going?

Physically, fire and earth can coexist quite well if caution and control are exercised. But left unattended or to run wild, fire can ravage earth, consuming it as fuel, leaving nothing but ashes in its wake. Not the earth is an angel either: too much can smother a flame. So the idea here, at least as far as this thought process has gotten, is to limit this earth’s exposure to that fire. Plus the knowledge of the reason why, which always helps me deal with situations, will make it easier for me to know when I’ve had enough and keep the conflagration to a controled burn.

I do find it interesting, in light of this information, to reflect on the fact that there is a flame on my proposed SCA device. However the fact that it is a silver flame on a blue background still bears out my idea of a contained fire, one that merely illumiates the night sky without the scorching heat of a proper flame.

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  1. I think that horoscopes tend to be “right” because they tend to be general enough to be. If one picks any random horoscope to read for a day, it’s just as likely to be “correct” as one’s own.

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