The problem with two blogs…

Everyday Adventures

Is remembering to post to both on the same night. Mondays and Wednesdays are when I update the RA… blog (it uses the ComicPress theme for WordPress) so I frequently forget to come over here and post because I feel like I’ve already blogged and it easily slips my mind. I’ll work on it. I promise. In other news…


Still a long ways from catching up but at least the counter has moved some. It was shameless padding, I admit it, but if it gets me closer to goal I’ll take it. Tomorrow night and Saturday will be a big push to catch back up. I need about 10K or more by the end of Saturday to be back on track. At a rate of a little more than 1K an hour at the write ins I should be able to get half that Saturday at the Library so the other 5K+ should be doable, maybe even surge ahead a bit.

While I admit to a remarkable amount of ennui about this NaNo I would hate to throw in the towel mid-run. I read a great quote by Dick Block today: projects don’t fail, people just quit too soon. Or something like that. Anyway, it made me really want to see it through, even if the end result is less than 50K I’m going to keep chipping away until the end of the month. Granted, the webcomic and my eHow contract require higher billing, but it’ll all get done even if nothing else does. That’s what NaNo is all about, right? Pushing oneself to do something previously believed implausible.

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