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Let’s file this under: This way lies madness

So! Last night I *was* going to go to First Friday to see the dancers and take pictures. Well, by the time I got home from picking up my car (Phoebe has a new air pump and solenoid now) I really just didn’t feel like going out again. So I sat down to knit for a little while but then I really wanted to accomplish something so I decided it was time to do a little rearranging.

My word but I have a lot of books!

See, I decided that I wanted to rearrange the living room just a bit and that meant that I had to shift one of my bookcases a little bit. Of course, it’s one of the big bookcases and piled with books, so all the books had to first come off of the case so it could shift to be flush with the wall. But when the books went back on I started to organize them (another benefit to this) but it also meant some books came off the other big bookcase so that all the cookbooks could hang out with their friends, etc.

Of course, that began a chain reaction. Since all the books that came off the one bookcase weren’t all going back on it, the other bookcase had to be emptied to reorganize those books and, while it was empty, I might as well move it over a bit. Then there was the three-shelf case that held DVDs and other stuff, which I decided to empty and move over by the dining table between the two cases there, which meant also emptying the two-shelf case.

Of course, in the way of that plan were a few of the boxes that hadn’t gotten unpacked yet. And before I put the DVDs onto the tv stand shelves I might as well move it over, too. And then I might as well scootch the big chair over and up a bit so I can snug up the side table and move the couch over a few inches.

What a mess.

At one point I took pictures from each corner of the room to show the absolute chaos that reigned. I would show them now, but I really want to wait until I get the other bookcase in (yes, a fifth one…), the new bench/coffee table (that I picked up tonight; would you believe that I had never been in a Bed, Bath & Beyond store before tonight???) in place of the round decorator table and the loveseat recovered with the fabric I picked up at JoAnn’s today.

So you can see where a simple idea can lead me…

I had hoped to rearrange both the living room/dining area and my bedroom this weekend, but I may put off the bedroom for next weekend. That’s going to require the moving of practically everything in there, not to mention so actual decorating.

I’m still a bit baffled, to be honest, why I’m messing with otherwise functional rooms when the ‘studio’ is still an absolute wreck and until it gets cleaned I don’t get my mini mac. I suppose it’s possible that, with so much chaos going-on on the outside and creeping into my surroundings that I feel like I should work to control what I can. It’s possible. Of course, it’s also possible that I just got fed up with having things helter-skelter and before I have people over at the end of the month it might be nice to spruce up the place a little. Either way, using what little energy I have right now to do something that I will see daily does a lot towards making me happy, so whatever works, right?

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