The 8th Art: Make-Up!

64 Arts

Dyes and colorants for the body and teeth.

Let’s put our pretty faces on, yes?

I didn’t grow up knowing a lot about make-up. By the time I was that age Mom was totally over wearing it herself and wasn’t all that keen for me to start. No bonding moments over lip gloss for us. In fact, I was only allowed to wear pressed powder for the longest time. I specifically remember my freshman year of high school when I got invited to the Prom (helps to date an upperclassman, yes?). My dress was powder blue so Mom, trying to be helpful and supportive, brought home some mascara and eyeshadow for me. Blue eyeshadow.

Now, I know that blue shades are making a comeback but even then (1991) I knew that I had no business wearing blue eyeshadow with a blue dress, especially since I have blue eyes. Nope.

But she tried, and I do appreciate it now.

Usually I’m good at learning things from books–make-up was not one of those skills that I learned that way. Thank Cosmo for the Internet, tutorials and grown-up girlfriends who can show me what to do. And, you know, what not to do.

Speaking of tutorials, here’s a great one for repairing a broken compact. Who knew it was so simple?

3 thoughts on “The 8th Art: Make-Up!

  1. My mom was no help at all when it came to makeup wearing. She hardly ever wears it herself. I am completely self taught, and let me tell you there were some not very pretty learning experiences along the way!

  2. I’ve been wearing makeup since I was twelve. I love makeup! I had some horrible experiences with makeup and I’ve got the pictures to prove it!

  3. I used to love make up when I was a teenager, but now, I rarely wear any. Weighing the 10 minutes or so it takes to put on against the 10 minutes extra I can get of sleep, I go for the sleep.

    Stopping in from SITS.

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