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Oh man has this been a rough week. Not that it’s been bad, and I really can’t say that it’s been long (because just yesterday I was wondering how on earth it was Thursday again already…), it’s just been one torpor after another. Seriously, when I went to Van’s to get my mail, etc. I nearly fell asleep on the road. I don’t think it’s my apnea acting up, I think it’s just plain lack of sleep. Which is why, at not quite 10pm, I’m writing this entry and contemplating a very early bedtime. I lead such the spectacular life do I not?

Nonetheless, I have managed the living room and dining room clean-up, the feast basket and totes are cleaned out, the dishwasher has been run (as a result of the feast basket clean-out, etc.) which put Abbie out severely…she hates the noise from the dishwasher, and the small bookcase has been assembled (with only one cut to my hand in the process). Laundry will commence tomorrow along with craft-room stuff. Needless to say I did not attend the Godby-Leon game, neither Mom nor I felt up to it.

Unfortunately my upstairs neighbors seem to be getting a new roommate. I knew it was too quiet up there for too long. Hopefully he will get settled in quickly and life will go back to relative quiet. The only other news of the day falls under the financial heading. A friend owes me money and is now ignoring me. I really don’t want to be the collections pit-bull that I’m capable of being, but as of Monday it will have been a month so even under standard business practices of Net 3o this friend (?) is running into past-due territory. This only goes to emphasize: neither a borrower nor a lender be. It really screws things up!

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