Technology hates me

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Or so it seemed today.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to rant overmuch, I managed to fix the bugs I encountered, it was just a bit maddening.

First Safari lost its url line. Seriously, the place where you type in where you want to go (without which you’re sorta screwed unless your sticking to bookmarked pages) just totally disappeared mid-surfing this morning. Luckily I had firefox installed on Minnie and I was able to find a (very simple, right in front of me but I would have never known that was what it was for) solution via the apple support forums. Whew!

Then, as I was taking the photos for the next calligraphy article my camera had a bit of an issue focusing on a couple of images. Usually this wouldn’t have been all that odd (sometimes close-ups can be tricky, just the nature of the beast) except I hadn’t changed the position of the camera (I use the tri-pod for these shoots) and no matter what zoom (optical, I’ve never even bothered with the digital zoom on it, there’s no point) the viewfinder looked drunk. What fixed it? Moving the two pieces of paper together. Must have been something in the ‘gutter’ (of white paper, go figure) between the two five-inch cards that was screwing with the focus. But I got the shot.

Finally, as I was editing said article for the third or fifth time, I went in to make just one more change to a step (this was after pasting the article into the online submission form) and the overwrite function turned on. That’s never happened before and, frankly, I haven’t the foggiest idea how to turn it off. I ended up writing the text I needed to add after that paragraph had ended highlighting and moving the new text into place. Had to do it a couple times to get the space to go in as well. It was just so odd.

But that article is uploaded and done (knock on wood that I don’t have any editing issues with this one), I’ve stricken the set as it were on my makeshift photo set-up, and should have at least Tuesday’s comic sketched before bed, if not half-inked. Last week was crazy-busy as far as evening entanglements went. This week should be evening after evening at home and I can’t say I’m all that unhappy about it, though I may be stir-crazy by the weekend (I reserve the right to change my opinion at any time, lol).

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