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(some of you need to get your minds out of the gutter 😉 )

Night before last a rather large group of us went to dinner post-dancing to Rice Bowl. As usual I ordered some sushi and then a Thai dish that most of would go home as leftovers (because it can as opposed to sushi… yes, I like the raw fish types). It was also berylq’s last dance practice, so a bit sad, but not too maudlin, mostly just our usual raucaus selves and I really hope we didn’t scare the new person with us too very badly.

Anyway, the thai dish that evening was something I don’t remember but it involves lots of fried squidy bits. Hence the tasty tentacles. The vast majority of it went home with me and was lunch yesterday.

And speaking of tentacles: Scylla has been slayed. (New readers will need to scroll down to the iEverything post.) Yup… *way* ahead of schedule, surprisingly enough, this first check-point on my way to a mac mini has been met.

Does Scylla have tentacles?

Well, it had a lot of heads and lived near if not in the sea, so I’m thinking there is a possibility of tentacles there.

But the more I use the Scylla and Charybdis reference I am tossed back to Freshman English and a group project I actually enjoyed doing that involved recreating a scene from the Odyssey (or was this part the Illiad? I honestly don’t remember). Anyway… I stayed behind the camera for the whole thing, but 4 other friends depicted news-flash-style Odysseus’ trip between Scylla and Charybdis that involved a diorama with puppet-like Scylla heads attacking a boat and an on-scene ‘interview’ with Odysseus.

The interview was done in a small closet in the English building and since space was small I had to stand on a chair to get Odysseus and the reporter in the shot. At a critical point in the interview this cardboard mouth (jaw, etc.) comes down and tries to eat Oddyseus, the monster operated by another friend who I was trying to keep out of the shot. Until, that is, I lost my balance and the shot slung way wide.

Keep in mind that this was 1990, we did this entirely at school, and there was no way to edit it so each scene had to be done in order, butted up one against the other on the tape, and reshoots could only be done right then.

I still have the tape, even though its becoming worn and I don’t even have a VCR anymore. I think there’s at least one place in town that will transfer VHS home movies to DVD, maybe I should have that done, have 5 copies made, and track down each person involved to send them a copy. I wonder if they would find the nostalgia as fun as I do?

One thought on “Tasty tentacles…

  1. Hey, I’ve got analog capture hardware and software; I could do it for you. (And I’d love to see that tape, anyway. ::grin::)
    Hope you weren’t hurt in the fall from the chair.
    See you!

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