If I’d Known You Were Coming…

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Oh, wait, I totally did! So I baked a cake.

Hidden Strawberry Cake

Hidden Strawberry Cake*

Alright Artsies (how does that sounds for a name for us? thoughts?), we’re going to have some new folks around the blog, today tomorrrow, because… tadaa! It’s Wedneday’s my SITS Day!

UPDATE: Due to some tech issues–they happen, we roll with it–my SITS day is now Wednesday, so if you come here on Tuesday and are a bit confuzzled, no worries, we’re just having a little fun with the timestream 😉

What’s SITS? It’s the Secret’s in the Sauce–a line from the movie Fried Green Tomatoes AND an amazing group of women that are all about supporting each other in the Blogosphere. If you’re a blogger and haven’t checked them out, you really might want to!

Cocktail, Anyone?

Cocktail, Anyone?

For those of you who have happened here because of that lovely linkie they gave me, today, welcome to Scraps of Life and the 64 Arts! I’m so glad you’ve stopped by. I love all things creative, about as much as I love lists (and crossing things off them!) and the 64 Arts is a list of accomplishments pulled from a very old source but it still pertinent to this day and age. To find out more, check out the beginning of this odyssey: A New Direction. For the cliff’s notes about what we’ve done so far, check out the Arts so Far for topics and some of my favorite posts.

But, silly me, can I offer you a drink before we get on with the getting to know me?

Bits and Scraps

My name is Jennifer but that name was incredibly popular in the mid-70s and, after being one of 4 Jennifer’s in my 3rd grade class I began my search for the perfect nom de plume. After buying this domain in 2003, I ended up stumbling into the screenname and nickname Scraps, so that’s what I go by online for writing and comics.

See, I have a very uncreative day-job…

I have a very understanding boss.

I have a very understanding boss.

And my need for a creative outlet (or 10) is immense. First it was food: I did double duty as a full-time bookkeeper and a full-time (evenings) culinary student and took a leave of absence to do my internship and beyond as a Pastry Chef. Funny thing, though, I like paying my bills (on time, even) and cheffing wasn’t being too helpful on that front. So I checked it off my master to-do list and went back to bookkeeping.

Next was art: More night classes and a plan to go back full-time but, divorce happened and I needed to support myself. I’ve always been a crafter and a long-time scrapbooker, and around the same time I started my autobiographical webcomic (like a blog, but with lots of drawings and fewer words) I became the Arts & Craft Expert (their title, not mine) for eHow.com. When the writing gig ended I got more time to do my own work, and that’s when I went a little blog-overboard.

Plenty to go Around

… and a little something for everyone!

I’ve now got 2 comics online: my life-inspired one, Cocktail Hour, and a geeky dating comic, Where the Geeks Are.

Even though they are both on hiatus, there’s plenty of archives to read through. Comics aren’t just for boys and they aren’t all super-heroes, either! Me? I’ve been described as the heroine in my own chick-lit novel.

Not that that’s a bad thing (keeps life interesting).

The reason they’re on hiatus is my current project: What to Feed Your Raiding Party. I’m combing my love of food and comics and the desire to help and creating a cookbook that half comic book, too! If this is something you’d like to know more about, feel free to check out the progress diary.

Speaking of food, I’ve got a dedicated food blog: Nibbles ‘n Bites. The occasional recipe (like the one for the Hidden Strawberry Cake, above) interspersed with plenty of foodie opinions and ideas.

And, if you’re in need of a drink, you might find my cocktail blog, Sips & Shots, to your taste. Each Friday I post a new drink recipe to get your weekend started off right.

Finally, if you’re like me and like music playing pretty much all. the. time. you might find yourself getting into some musical ruts. I like a wide variety of music and really love finding music no one (okay, few) have heard before. Get in on the secret at my monthly podcast: Random Acts Radio.

Okay, that’s Me!

Now, I’d really love to find out who you are! Comments are great and I do my best to respond (either via comments/email or by visiting your blog) to every one I get. Let’s get to know each other better!

Oh, and one more thing–If you like hand-knit items and want a chance to win one, check out last week’s post (Today’s Cowl)–all it takes is a comment (on that entry) to enter the drawing!