Off on Our Next Adventure!

Third Time Wife

Well, Hive, the time has come for Roadie and I to offer one last wave from the rear view mirror as we head down the road to see what’s around the next bend in the road!

Just over a year ago (I don’t think I will ever forget, especially considering I got a speeding ticket the next morning when I was paying more attention to mentally composing my intro post than my speedometer–oops!) I was announced as Miss Road Trip and just under 6 months ago, Roadie and I were married in our intimate outdoor ceremony at Honey Lake Plantation.

It has been an honor and a privilege to share our wedding with the members of the Hive. I thank each and every one of you who have left comments on my posts–seriously, it was always a thrill to see the notifications in my Inbox–and for the encouragement and occasional commiseration they held. I hope that my posts were informative and encouraging in turn–if even one person found one of them useful I’ll consider my time here well-spent.

Special thanks go out to my fellow Honeymoon Generation blogging Bees–I’ve enjoyed sharing this journey with each of you and value the friendships we’ve built over the last year and then some. If anyone is on the fence about applying to blog for Weddingbee, I say do because you just never know what will come of it!

Life has stayed very much the same for we Road Trips since the wedding–there have been little shifts that are hard to pinpoint but you still notice, and I fully admit that being able to call Roadie my husband still gives me a little thrill. But big changes are now on the horizon!



After several months and 7.5# of paperwork (unfortunately not an exaggeration), we just recently closed on a 1910 Folk Victorian that’s a bit of a fixer-upper but perfect for us, just over the FL/GA border. We’ve spent the last two weekends taking care of some odds and ends around the house before the roofers get started (poor thing was a bit neglected when we found her, but we’ll soon fix that) and are looking forward to restoring and renovating our Pink Gingerbread Dollhouse for the foreseeable future!

Of course I’ll be blogging the process, along with various other facets of living a creative life, over on, in case anyone wants to follow along and virtually peek in the windows.

Wishing you creative days and wonderful weddings!


Mrs. Road Trip

What’s the Buzz??? 5 Months and Counting!

Third Time Wife, Wedding Planning

150 days, to be exact. And that makes things feel really close. Especially since our countdown officially started in the 800s!

Didn’t mean to leave this blog hanging for 2 months, but some exciting things have been happening and that’s what I’m here to update you on.

See, as I was finishing up my Disney posts I finally got the word and it was good: I was picked to be a Bee!

Weddingbee the wedding blog | wedding vendor reviews |DIY wedding invitations | DIY save the dates | wedding resale

Yup, as of early April I’ve been hanging out on Weddingbee known under the name Miss Road Trip!


So while I haven’t been creating new posts, I’ve been retooling a lot of the old posts to fit the customs over at our new digs. Going forward (starting in a couple weeks I’ll be back to posting new stuff, once the archives are caught up) you’ll see instead of Jenn & Todd it’ll by Miss and Mr Road Trip (or RT, or Mr Trips as I sometimes refer to Todd). It’s been wonderful getting to know the other Bees “in person” and we even have another Bee right here in Tallahassee.

Not that it’s been a champagne and roses. To tell the truth, some of the comments my posts have received haven’t all been kind. Sure, it’s something you expect when you post your inner rambling for the outer world to read, but it doesn’t make the rude ones any easier to take when they land in your inbox. Still, you take the little bit of bad and compare it to the whole heaps of good and the scales definitely tip more in favor of that.

Our plans are picking up speed–we finally had a meeting at our venue and now a lot of little things are falling into place–and things will keep happening at a breakneck pace for the next 5 months. To continue the to-do list tradition, here’s what is on the docket for 5 months out:

  • Rehearsal dinner: make plans, reservations, and decide who all’s going to be there
  • Wedding Invitations: confirm your order or start/continue the DIY
  • Cake time! Tastings or test recipes
  • Showers: if you’re having one, get your guest list to the hostess
  • Wedding shoes and dress fittings
  • Hair and make-up: if you’re outsourcing, make your choice and schedule your trials, otherwise brush up on your supplies and try out some things at home
  • Music: decide what’s playing when

So where are we? Not too bad off. I have the plan for our invitations, have my shoes and need no fittings, nor am I encouraging any showers in our honor. Just doesn’t seem fitting. I do need to come up with a guest list for the “bachelorette” party (though I prefer to adopt the term Hen Night from our friends across the pond; just sounds better, like the “hen parties” Mom used to call the gossips who’d congregate up the road when I was a kid).

All in all, we’re good on the broad strokes, now I just need to get cracking on the long list of DIY decorations, especially now that I know exactly what we need!

In the mean time, I’ve been keeping up with the Wedding Year Scrapbook. Here are the January and February pages–I’m getting caught up 🙂


Happy New Year!PW_week10_spread

A low-photo week (silly SD card crapped out on me) leading up to our e-shoot.PW_week11_spread

And then a surfeit of photos thanks to our fabulous photographer.PW_week12_spread

Gaming and fun with foodie things. A common thread throughout out life.PW_week13_spread

I won tickets to HAIR so we had a double date night this week!PW_week14_spread

Actual work on actual wedding-related crafty things.PW_week15_spread

Geek love just in time for Valentine’s Day.PW_week16_spread

We’ve got rings–one more step taken toward being ready for the wedding.

Monkey shines! Todd (I can still call him that, since this post won’t be going up on the ‘bee!) frequently arranges the monkeys cutely to surprise me when I get out of the shower.

And that’s us for now. I expect us to be back to our regular scheduled planning sometime this month.

Until then…