Variations on a Theme: Wine Time

Third Time Wife, Wedding Planning

So we’d tossed aside the 40s and 50s as era-inspiration and monkeys were dubbed a little too childish (well, for the wedding at least). In our earlier discussions we’d also talked about and nixed pretty darn quick the costume-heavy weddings of any of our geekier interests: Comics, RPGs or Star Trek. And while Mr. RT said he would be open to a Renaissance-style wedding (since I used to play in the SCA–Society for Creative Anachronism), I wasn’t as interested in that as I once might have been.Where was our theme?! Was there no single idea that would guide our decision-making process and steer us towards a color scheme while we’re at it?

And then the answer arrived.

Even have one of those ‘duh’ moments? In retrospect, this was one of them for us (or at least for me; T understood my need for a theme but wasn’t too worried about it himself). We’d already discussed doing a wine ceremony instead of a more traditional unity candle (blending yes, merging not so much, or something like that) and, obviously, food and wine were going to be major considerations as far as the reception was concerned–a wine-themed wedding was practically staring at us in the face!

Yay, a theme!

Collage of wine-themed images

Sources: Style Me Pretty 1 (photo by Miki & Sonja Photography), 2 (photo by Lisa Lefkowitz), Strictly Simple Style, Apartment Therapy (image by Green is Universal), Style Me Pretty 3 (photo by Kristi Odom Photography), 4 (photography by Mike Larson, event by Touch of Style) , 5 (photo by Apertura), 6 (photo by Kim Seidl Photography, event by Simply Chic Events)

With that decided, many other details started to fall into place. Color scheme? Green and Red-Purple from the grapes and leaves, with a brown accent/neutral from the vines. Centerpieces? Why, all those empty wine bottles we’ve been collecting may have just found their re-purpose! And the corks from said bottles can be used in all manner of crafty goodness. Even a couple of wine-related favor ideas floated around my head and, oh, there’s that ginormous cork monogram that we just *have* to make!

Wine-themed color palate

our working color scheme

Now, with a direction in mind, I finally felt like I could actually start to plan!

Was your own theme obvious when it presented itself
or did you even bother with one?