Variations on a Theme: 40s Romance

Third Time Wife, Wedding Planning

So the 50s idea didn’t fly when placed under close scrutiny, but what about a hop, skip and a jump back about 10 years to the fabulous 40s? Mr. Road Trip’s favorite movie is Casablanca and one year for Christmas a certain little elf bought him the deluxe gift set that had just been released. I’d actually never seen the movie all the way through in one sitting (I know, there are some serious gaps in my classic movie history course; just like there are some major one’s in T’s pop culture movie appreciation) so our plan for New Year’s Eve became a quiet night in with Rick and Ilsa, champagne and strawberries and enough of a break to watch the ball drop. It was a fabulous night.

It was also followed up by a viewing of Carrotblanca–the Looney Toons parody of the feature film that, I have to admit, was more my speed than the source material.

Still, can you imagine the WWII fashion options, the dreamy music playing during the reception and the old Hollywood glamour; silver, black, and white decor with a hint of icy Tiffany’s blue, and–of course!–black and white photography!

1940s glam wedding inspiration board

Images via (L to R, top to bottom): Fairytales & Chandeliers; All Made Up Team (photography by Duc Pham of Tacolayo Photography); Paperspines; Best of Texas; Dirty Fabulous Vintage; Wedding by Color (uploaded by mechelle); Retro Art Glass; Saks;

Wait, why didn’t I want this theme?

Oh, right! As wonderful as it all was, to do it right–for us–would have meant a much more formal ceremony and reception than we really wanted and it could easily veer towards stuffy and trigger some major perfectionist tendencies. While there are many elements of this theme that I really loved, overall it just wasn’t the right fit for us as a couple or the event we wanted to host.

Are you as in love with the WWII era fashion and feel as I am?