Episode 16: Be Extraordinary


Okay, so the name of this episode (and the opening song) remind me a bit of Bill & Ted’s ‘Be excellent to one another’ but I suppose there’s nothing really wrong with that, is there?! And in the vein of the would-be Wyld Stallyns today’s musical adventures is full of fun rock with a little bit of this and that mixed in for good measure.

Be Extraordinary—Justin Honaman
Never Drive Faster Than Your Angels Can Fly—Miles Partridge and HipSlack
Bunny Boiler—Pablo Eskimo
Medicine—Brad Hammonds
Incoherent—Josh Woodward
I’m Taking It Back. I’m Taking Them All Back—Chasing Claymores
Heartburn—The Great Underground Empire
Wild Party People—JayJay
High Spirits—DJ Enso and Louis
Hands Up—Bree Rose
The Worst In Me—The Upset Victory
Run Rabbit Run—Supraluxe
Love, Drugs, & Bombs—O Sweet Static
Swimming The Witch—I Am The Icarus
Full Moon on a Friday Night—Dahlia Wakefield

Are you a lyrics listener or do you just concentrate on the overall sound of a song? I’m very into lyrics (even though I’m not a big “poetry” fan, go figure) and love to puzzle out references in songs, the more esoteric the better. And, back before the Internet, sometimes it was a matter of figuring out the words before you could ever get close to deciphering their meanings (lotta play-pause-rewind going on back in the day).

At the very least I hope you at least caught the refrain from our opening song:

I’m gonna be extraordinary
No sacrifice, no victory
Gonna crush mediocrity
I’m gonna be extraordinary

What can you do right now to be extraordinary?

(and I swear I didn’t plan the Bill & Ted’s references; it’s just one of those things that happens and you run with it *air guitar*)