Updates Underway!

Site News

Now that I’m back from my honeymoon and the wedding dust has settled, the big changes I hinted at before are underway. If you’re an RSS subscriber, you may start seeing all sorts of new stuff in the feed–this is a product of me importing my other blog contents to Scraps of Life in preparation for our shiny re-launch (date TBD). If you visit the site directly, things are bound to look a little different as the days go on–please bear with me!

Hopefully any inconvenience to my regular readers won’t be too harsh and we’ll get all the different bits of content playing together nicely in short order.

Being added to our usual crafts and creativity line-up of the 64 Arts is

  • Nibbles & Bites, my food and cookbook review blog
  • Sips & Shots, my cocktail and spirits review blog
  • Third Time Bride, my wedding-planning blog (which will become Third Time Wife)

While the posting schedule may take some time to hammer out as I get back in the groove, one thing I know that will change is all review posts will be relegated to Tuesday Reviews-Day–something I started a while back on Sips to keep reviews from over-running the rest of the content and I’ve got such a back-log of book reviews to catch up on that I think the Tuesday posts will be pretty reliable for the near future! Instead of each week having a food posts and a cocktail post, there will likely be one post a week either on food OR bevvies, and I’ll be adding categories for creative business strategies (something I haven’t really had a spot for, before) as well as adding my illustration portfolio, too.

The plan is to give each of the former blogs their own category heading–like a magazine with different departments/regular features–AND to give each it’s own RSS/email feed link for folks who only want some of what we’re offering and not the whole kit-and-kaboodle, but that’s going to take a bit of time to make sure I’ve got right, so please have patience if things get a little wonky. I’ll make sure to update as that happens.

Originally, this site was meant to represent the bits and pieces (aka “scraps”) of interests and endeavors that make up my life. This big earthquake of a shift is actually the fulfillment of the project I set out on over 10 years ago!

Onwards and upwards!