The Week That Got Away…

Just for Fun

Ever have one of those? Several times this week I’m in the thick of things and think ‘hey, this would make a great post’ only to have no time to actually write it. Instead, you get snippets.


If Health is Wealth, I’m Overdrawn

Still sick, anyone surprised? Just when I think I’m getting better I regress. The fact that Mom, the germ spreader, is still sick herself does not give me hope that I’ll be miraculously better after this weekend.

Aside from that, though, Monday and Tuesday were pretty good. Tuesday was a bit of a slog of data entry, but my usual tactic of cracking up some 80s hair bands to power through worked. Crisis averted, or so I thought.


Re-Action Jackson

I’m not usually a fan of actions taken out of fear, panic, or anger; coming from a negative place it’s hard to turn them into a true positive. HOWEVER….

Something happened on Wednesday at work* that made me take a serious look at the end-game goals I set 2 years ago and it wasn’t pretty. Not discounting the major milestone that finishing my book was and the progress on that front, I’ve been kinda coasting on other matters. And while getting married and buying a house all work towards the goal’s result of living a happy, fulfilled life, they also took my focus away from the rest of the tasks.

The blessing and curse of starting your own business (whether freelance in nature or otherwise) while working full time, is that the pressure is off. The pressure to perform, to pay the bills, it’s gone. On the one hand, it means you get to build at a comfortable pace and aren’t sweating small set-backs. On the other hand, though, it’s a helluva lot easier to put off the things you need to do and coast. After all, there’s no pressure, right?


Sacrifices Must Be Made

I am eternally grateful for Todd’s easy-going attitude. I’ve begged off cooking supper twice this week and while I ordered pizza in (and the delivery guy referred to the Dollhouse as the Pepto Bismal House, sigh, gotta get a plan for those shutters) the first night I declared the second a fend-for-yourself evening (there were plenty of leftovers in the fridge, I’m not that heartless) so I could build a new business website and get some client work done, respectively.

The new site will hold my illustration portfolio as well as highlight my book (and future works) and some other options I’m making available. I made excellent progress on it Wednesday night and hope to have it ready to unveil sometime next week. The phrase “miles to go before I sleep” seemed oddly appropriate.


Does Anyone Else Still Listen to CDs?

So the ‘miles to go’ bit sparked a song in my head, namely a Celine Dion tune by the same name and I knew I had that on CD somewhere in the Abyss. Flipping through the CD binder I spotted a few more and grabbed them all on the way out the door Thursday. (For the curious they were Evanescence and Barry Manilow.)

I have a decent-sized CD collection, to the point that buying them all digitally would be cost prohibitive and even then I couldn’t fit even a fraction of them onto my iPod. Not to mention my music tastes tend to go in phases. It was both novel and nostalgic listening to CDs as I ran errands (new GA driver’s license with my new last name? Done!) and headed to work, but I realize that it’s a little archaic, too.


 Delayed Gratification is Not my Strong Suit

And, yet, apparently the Universe is still trying to teach me patience. About this time last year I bought a wallet at a Thirty-One party and, since it arrived shortly after the wedding, I decided I’d wait to use it for all my new-name items. Little did I know that it would take a good 10 months to get to that point! I hate having things sitting around unused. I’m the type of girl that transfers her belongings from the old purse to the new one while sitting in the parking lot!

And then there’s something else that took only a few weeks to develop but which I can’t really talk about yet but I will, soon, and while it’s a big deal for me, it won’t mean much to anyone else. But it was a nice way to start Friday morning off of this snippy snippety week 🙂


*For those prone to worry, have no fear. The work incident doesn’t affect me or my job directly, it was just something that sparked a tiny panic, then just enough anger (at myself) to light a fire under my ass. All is well and, now, as it should be 😉