Is It Over Yet?!

Everyday Adventures

And by “it” I mean being sick. So tired of being sick and tired!

But I think I’ve reached the turning point and actually felt pretty close to normal this morning–wohoo! I’m suddenly not congested, and if I ignore the tiny bit of sinus pressure going on I actually feel good!

Of course, I could have said as much last week, then the cold came back for Round 2 and I missed another day and a half of work trying to sleep off the worst of it. My doctor said it was to be expected, it’s the way the current not-the-flu is operating, I was just hoping I’d skip the rebound. Thankfully I rallied and was well enough to enjoy Valentine’s Day dinner out on the town, but then Sunday night I came down with some sort of stomach bug/food poisoning from take-out/hormone-influenced ickiness or some combination of all of the above and spent the majority of Monday feeling a bit worse for wear.

Win some, lose some, I guess!

My illness m.o. is fairly simple: whenever possible, at the first sign of anything icky, go to bed and sleep it off. Usually works on the simple things, but sometimes it’s just not an option (like every Wednesday when I need to be in the office to run payroll, or the 10th and 25th of the month when I need to write vendor checks, etc.). Those days it’s more of a grin and bear it as long as necessary and leave early when the necessary stuff is done. Most of the “good” OTC meds I can’t take, and what I can generally makes me sleepy or a bit fuzzy-headed. Not conducive to much, to be honest.

So what have I mostly been up to? Watching Parenthood on Netflix (I’m so sorry I didn’t start watching this show sooner, it’s so good!) and knitting between naps. Knitting is nice because it makes me feel semi-productive while not taking oodles of brain power or energy. Right now I’m working on converting a 1916 kid’s sweater pattern into a version suitable for the dolls. So a little more brain power, but I think I’ve just about go it down to it’s simplest form. Maybe a few more tweaks to go.

If I’m right about finally being better (and the sinus pressure is just a product of our willy-nilly weather patterns and not a real menace), I look forward to getting back to some sort of regular schedule in the next week or so and finishing up some projects that have been on my work table far too long and really need to be done and out of here! And I have updates about the house to share, and more restaurants we’ve tried in Thomasville to tell you about, and of course the news on the starting a store front to recap.

Until then, thanks for hanging in here with me!

Only Delaying the Inevitable

Everyday Adventures

A few weeks ago Todd came down with a chest cold (and, no, it wasn’t a case of the man-flu; Todd has to be one of the most easy going sick-people ever) and ever since I’ve been warding against coming down with it, myself.

I did less, slept more, took it easy, even took a day off to sleep off what felt like the onset of something over a week ago.

Didn’t work.

Friday I woke up with that tell-tale icky feeling in the back of my throat, a feeling that not only persisted but worsened during the course of the day. I had to go to the office since we were both shorthanded as well as a deadline to meet.

But I’m not writing this to complain; nope! I’m writing this to brag on Todd for being such a awesome husband.

By Friday night I was feeling pretty miserable and definitely wasn’t in the mood to cook. Unfortunately, I was at that place where I was quite hungry but absolutely nothing sounded good. In the end, Todd went out and picked up dinner from one place, a pint of coleslaw from a separate place (because it was the one thing that sounded good to my fiery throat), and frozen yogurt as well.

I spent the better part of the last 3 days in bed, moving down to the sofa in the early afternoons and pretty much doing as little as possible, in a cold-medicine haze. Because doing equals moving, and moving leads to coughing and all manner of unpleasantness.

As much as I hate getting absolutely nothing done these last few days, I have appreciated the opportunity to catch up on my hulu shows, Netlfix binging, and napping. But even I’m going a bit stir-crazy after three days of not leaving the house.

Back to reality!