They’re Playing Our Song

Third Time Wife, Wedding Planning

Back in the day I loved heading out to the bar or club on a Saturday night and closing it down, spending most of my time on the dance floor, amidst the crush of strangers and a few close friends.

I’m actually having trouble remembering the last time I did that. And it doesn’t really bother me.

What I’m trying to say is that the Road Trips are not really the dance-party type, though I adore music and have something playing whenever I’m at work, in the car or in my office and not streaming something via Netflix. And what goes on behind closed doors when I’m rocking out need not be discussed.

And yet, having that first dance, along with music and dancing during the reception in general, was important to me in our early planning days. Mainly because it was something I wasn’t able to do in the past (my first wedding being in a dancing-is-evil-believing church and the second being a private courthouse visit) and that lack I do feel.

Somewhere in my memory is the habit of a couple choosing “their song” by what was playing the night they met/the first time they kissed or at some other momentous occasion. Todd and I met online, in a chat room, and there wasn’t much music going on. Although there was one song, the night we stayed up until 4am chatting and flirting, that was shared.

(Direct link for the feed readers: The Gummy Bear Song by GummiBar)

Yeah, I don’t see that happening at the reception, do you?

(Oh, and you’re totally welcome–you cannot unsee or unhear that one. But at least it wasn’t a questionable Kermit cover that, as Mr Road Trip put it “ruined his childhood memories forever.” That I’ll spare you.)

No, back when we were emailing back and forth, getting to know each other and being a bit gushy, as you do, we’d email each other song lyrics. Only slightly less cheesy than the classic radio dedication model (which I cringe at, now) and a helluva lot safer than speaking lyrics to one another (a major pet peeve).

One of those songs was one I’d never heard of, before, and one which quickly became special to me once I tracked it down on iTunes.

(Direct link for the feed readers: Little Things Mean A Lot by Kitty Kallen)

While I’m a smidgen more materialistic than the song would suggest (I never say no to sparkly gifts), I really do love the overall sentiment of the song and it rings (hah!) true for us.

Our song became one of the earliest–and easiest–decisions early on in the planning process. After all, who else is looking back 60 years to a relatively obscure song for their big day? Not many, I’m betting, and that makes me happy not to have some song off a wedding compilation CD that everyone and their brother has used.

Not that there’s anything wrong with I Honestly Love You, but it’s been done. A lot. (10 points if you instantly got The Wedding Planner reference.)

Of course, once we got into the nitty gritty of planning, we decided to forgo dancing as a major part of the reception. Combined with the fact that we’re more of the sit-around-and-talk types rather than the dance party types, our reception being in the early afternoon just doesn’t lend itself to some wild party. (Hey, we’ve learned something from watching all those episodes of Four Weddings!)

So, while Little Things… remains “our song,” the jury is still out on if it’ll show up at the wedding at all. Mr. Road Trip is fine either way, I just can’t make up my mind on whether I really want it or not.

 Do you have a song with your significant other? How did you choose it?