Our Date is Officially Being Saved

Third Time Wife, Wedding Planning

Or so several of our guests have reported, since I did finally get them sent out.

When last we talked, my mock-up was looking like this:

Front and back (side by side) of what would be considered a "rack card" or insert, about 1/3 of a standard letter-sized sheet, landscape oriented.

Almost done!

But now they’ve got some color to them and are looking more like this. Exactly like this, in fact.

Front and back of the finished Save the Dates

Front and back of the finished Save the Dates

Once I made the decision to go ahead and have them printed elsewhere it was a no-brainer to work shades of our wedding colors into the mix. I’m admittedly proud of how my vines all turned out, and the hand-drawn frame will be showing up again on the invitations and our table numbers, too!

Since I had to place a reorder of bookmarks at Overnight Prints and had been very happy with their print quality before, I went ahead and piggy-backed the StD order onto that one. They have a lovely matte finish and the texture overlay I added to the final design showed up very nicely when all was said and done.

We did end up with more cards than we needed (the minimum order was 25) but I’m thinking I might trim out our picture and use those in some of the table decorations just so they don’t go to waste. Might as well, right?

Now, OP does offer corner rounding for a nominal fee (it was going to be like $2 or some such) but I saw no reason to have them do it when I have a corner rounder of my own, so that was the only finishing I did besides addressing the envelopes.

Speaking of envelopes, I designed these cards to fit into standard #10 envelopes, though I did pick up a pack of the nicer stationery-style ones instead of plain white. To address them I didn’t even bother with calligraphy (which I’ve been dabbling in since I was 11 or 12), but I did make this handy guide to keep my lines straight.


I don’t know if they still do it or not, but the larger wedding paper suppliers used to include a similar guide with their orders and I just thought it was the neatest thing. If you’re going with a lighter-colored envelopes it’s pretty easy to make your own out of an index card (or two and some tape) and a black marker.

While printed envelopes and fancy labels are becoming more common, hand-addressing envelopes is one of those old traditions that I think is worth keeping alive. It’s just so much more personal.

Of course, if you are using a darker or more opaque envelope and still want straight lines to work from, you can use this trick from those Medieval scribes that spent their days hunched over parchments. Using a straight edge and a pointed instrument of some sort (the tip of a bone folder, the back of a craft knife if you’re careful, etc.) to lightly score a line across your paper. If done just right, you’ll be able to keep your letters on the straight and narrow without your recipient knowing your secret.

Sure beats the flat-bottomed look of writing along a ruler, right?

Searching for Inspiration | Save the Dates

Third Time Wife, Wedding Planning

Save-the-Date cards are one of those nice but totally unnecessary bits of wedding stationery. They used to be used only during long engagements, or when a wedding was falling on a known-to-be-busy weekend or in a place that would require above-average travel arrangements for guests.

Now it seems like the wedding world (aka the Wedding Industrial Complex) considers them de rigueur for any but the quickest of locals-only weddings. I don’t mind this, of course, since I love anything and everything to do with paper products. Even before I started working at the printing company, when I’d have to go there on afternoons with Mom I’d love looking through the wedding books–all those wonderful designs, all those fairy tale weddings to go with them.

And with an engagement of 2 years+, I figured we’d send ours out at the beginning of this year, even though it was a little early, but before I knew it March was here and I hadn’t finished designing them much less sent them!

I could blame the delay on our long search for a photographer and the necessary delay of our engagement photos–after all, many StD* cards feature a cute picture of the happy couple. You know, just in case the recipient forgets who you are just by your first names…

Rustic Overlay Save the Date design by Fine and Dandy Paperie (via Zazzle)

Rustic Overlay Save the Date design by Fine & Dandy Paperie (via Zazzle)

But I wasn’t really planning on going that route. The silhouette trend is really nice, and I do like drawing profiles (they used to be one of my weaker skills, so I included them in a lot of my comics and finally got the hang of it), but that direction still didn’t feel like us.

Silhouette Save the Date by Hello! Lucky

Silhouette Save the Date by Hello! Lucky

And neither of us are ever very far from our planners (Mr Road Trip is a Franklin-Covey devotee, while I lean more towards The Planner Pad), so a calendar-style Save the Date would certainly make sense.

Calendar Save the Date by Etsy seller Ever After Design Studio

Calendar Save the Date by Etsy seller Ever After Design Studio

But what was really catching my eye were the hand-drawn map cards. Unfortunately, our “map” would have to span half the country and that would take some of the charm out of it. On the other hand we could map our wedding venue, but it’s kind of in the boonies, so landmarks–especially ones pertinent to us–would be non-existent.

Custom Wedding Map by Etsy seller Efinestationery

Custom Wedding Map by Etsy seller Efinestationery


Still, the images were charming, and the idea of plotting out places led me to another idea, the one I ultimately settled on.

*Most bloggers shorten Save the Date to STD, which brings up so many unfortunate mental images and is the butt of many a joke. Just by following the title-capitalization rules and making it StD looks a lot less like a social disease, you know?

How did you decide on your Save the Date Design?