Division of Labor


The stereotype seems to be, among couples, that one cooks more than the other and it’s usually the woman. Is it this way in your home, too?

My first 2 husbands (I say that like there’s been more–Elizabeth Taylor I am not!) were both non-cooks. Oh, sure, they could handle some basics, follow directions on a box, that sort of thing, but they weren’t really comfortable in the kitchen. Each had a specialty, of course. Ex #1 made tacos (from a kit, but he still considered it his specialty) while Ex #2 made chili (at least his was from scratch). Neither were very adventurous eaters.

Which is why I’m lucky that Todd is not only quite good in the kitchen, he’s more than happy to share supper duty with me and willing to try just about anything (as long as there are no nuts or mushrooms, lol). At first he would have dinner started when I got home (nice!) but now that his job has changed and I wanted to be able to test recipes for the cookbook, we tag-team it.

For a while we were strictly using the Menu Mailer each week but, well, that’s starting to be phased out. While it was nice to have everything decided and done, we were craving a little more variety, even if it sometimes means a little bit more work (and having to make our own grocery lists–the horror!). We still have years of archives to fall back on, though, should we not want to think too much on any given week. Instead, he’s pulling things from cookbooks, sites online and even things we’ve seen on Food Network (gotta love that channel!).

So who does dinner in your house?